Shenandoah Legal Group, P.C. ("SLG") seeks to deliver exceptional legal services to our clients. We regard client satisfaction as a crucial component in that pursuit and we sincerely encourage our clients to provide candid feedback about the services we render. As one means to provide that feedback, we request that you take a few minutes when you have an opportunity to complete our online survey below. Before submitting this form, please review the privacy policy included below the form. Thank you for your time and business.

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SLG Client Feedback Form Privacy Policy: Use of this form is voluntary and is intended for current or former clients to provide SLG with information on the state of its legal services as rendered. Use of this form does not create an attorney-client relationship where an attorney-client relationship does not previously exist between Shenandoah Legal Group, P.C. or any of its attorneys and the person completing this form. Any information submitted through this form will not necessarily be treated as privileged or confidential, and the person completing the above form consents to SLG's use of the information here provided as SLG or its attorneys see fit including the purposes of attorney advertising and marketing.