Our Services

We highly value our client relationships and strive to diligently and ethically protect their best interests. By applying our skill and experience, we pursue client objectives decisively to secure optimal results while minimizing legal risk and financial expense.


Creditor's rights

Our office helps financial institutions and individuals recover property and money in State Courts and in Federal Bankruptcy Court. Collections matters handled include consumer and commercial claims, as well as replevin (detinue) actions. 


With almost two decades of experience in representing creditors in bankruptcy matters, our office guides clients through a variety of bankruptcy and bankruptcy-related issues. Such assistance includes filing proofs of claims, non-dischargeability complaints, motions for relief from both debtor and co-debtor automatic stays, and representation in adversary proceedings.  


Foreclosure is the broad term for any process by which a party holding a security interest in realty pursues the sale of that realty to satisfy a corresponding debt. Because Virginia is a "deed of trust state", most foreclosures are pursued by non-judicial sale. Virginia law and the terms of the deed of trust govern the specific process for a non-judicial sale. Shenandoah Legal Group provides service as a Substitute Trustee where mortgage lenders or mortgage insurers seek to foreclose by non-judicial sale.


Subrogation concerns the rights of an insurer, upon payment of an insured's claim, to seek reimbursement from another party who was at fault. Our office provides insurers and reinsurers with legal assistance in recovery of personal and property injury claims in a wide range of circumstances.


We help clients navigate many different situations that implicate the contract and commercial laws of Virginia. These efforts include providing guidance in the contexts of commercial equipment and realty leases, sales of goods and services, financing, and warranty claims. 

small business law and litigation

Our office assists small businesses with a variety of startup and continuing legal services including the formation of business entities,  serving as a registered agent, drafting corporate records and maintaining corporate record books, drafting contracts and agreements, reviewing employment agreements, and litigating contract disputes and business tort claims.

Landlord Rights

Landlords have a lot at stake in their rental arrangements and can find themselves at risk of investment nonperformance or damage. Our firm helps landlords with services including lease agreement reviews, evictions or unlawful detainers, collection of unpaid rent and security deposit disputes.

Domestication of Foreign Judgments

Article IV, Section 1 of the United States Constitution reads in part, "Full faith and credit shall be given in each state to the public acts, records, and judicial proceedings of every other state . . ." However, certain procedures are required to render a judgment originally granted in another state enforceable in Virginia. This process is called domestication. Shenandoah Legal Group provides to creditors holding judgments granted in other U.S. states the legal services necessary to accomplish domestication of those judgments in Virginia.


Please note: Shenandoah Legal Group, P.C. is a debt collector. This website and its content are communications from a debt collector. This is an attempt to collect a debt. Any information obtained may be used for this purpose.