SLG's Experienced Bankruptcy Section


Bankruptcy is often a confusing matter for creditors, one where the normal principles of debtor-creditor relations are turned upside down.  Shenandoah Legal Group, P.C. represents creditors in bankruptcy courts throughout Virginia.  Secured creditors are often the subject of motions by debtors in bankruptcy, and can be harmed by failing to aggressively protect their interests.  For example, debtors may fail to continue making payments on car or house loans once they file bankruptcy, or seek to “cram-down” the value of the collateral for such loans far below the fair market value.

We provide cost-effective representation for routine matters such as Motions for Relief from the Automatic Stay and Objections to Chapter 13 Plans.  In addition, we provide defense services in response to debtors’ Valuation Motions and also Motions for Contempt/Adversary Complaints for violation of the Automatic Stay and/or Post-Discharge Injunction.

Occasionally unsecured creditors are faced with debtors who seek to dramatically increase their debt shortly before filing bankruptcy, and then seek to discharge it through filing a Chapter 7.  Shenandoah Legal Group, P.C. regularly files and litigates Adversary Complaints seeking to have such a debt declared non-dischargeable.  We have innovative pricing structures for filing and litigating these type of cases, as well as other types of bankruptcy litigation services.  We can help your company identify those cases in which filing a Non-dischargeability complaint would be appropriate, and provide other bankruptcy advise as needed. 

Please call or email with questions that you may have, and we will be happy to explain what Shenandoah Legal Group can do for you.