Representation for Virginia Lenders

For much of Shenandoah Legal Group’s 24-year history, a large part of the practice of SLG’s attorneys has concerned providing legal guidance and expertise to lenders. Important among that client base are local and regional banks and credit unions operating in Virginia.

In assisting local lenders, SLG has grown to offer an extensive array of creditor-tailored legal services across a wide spectrum of credit situations from consumer default in a retail setting to distressed debt for educational, home, medical, automotive, or commercial purchases. By depth and breadth of this client service, substantial experience emerged with such matters as acquiring secured collateral through detinue proceedings or foreclosure processes, obtaining judgments for money due and owing, and enforcing judgments through available remedies at court to recover from attachable funds or income. For each of these tasks, our office has designed efficient procedures and trained staff with the knowledge needed to ensure compliance with state and federal collections laws as well as our clients’ individual requirements.

Of separate worth, a practical aptitude formed from SLG’s client history as to negotiating with defendants and defense counsel to achieve client-desirable results. When appropriate, SLG commonly assists its clients with establishing payment arrangements or attaining settlement agreements. Drafting of such agreements can have its own pitfalls for the unwary. While a creditor may offer collection forbearance for compliance with a settlement agreement, a skilled creditors’ attorney will consider the fit and effectiveness of important terms in the settlement agreement such as those on forum selection, merger, waiver, security and default or the inclusion of other mechanisms such as confessions of judgment. The presence or absence of any term can be incredibly important, so settlement agreements require careful drafting to fit each case.

With this background and continued interest in serving Virginia lenders, SLG welcomes local and regional banks and credit unions to contact our office for a free consultation. Our office can be reached at 540-344-4490 or through our Contact Us form at