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Celebrating 24 Years of Service!

Shenandoah Legal Group, P.C. is extremely proud to have marked our 24th anniversary.  When the firm’s founder, Jeffrey Fleischhauer, opened the doors in February, 1994, he made a commitment to excellent service for creditors and their cases throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia.  The past 24 years have seen the firm move to three different locations, and serve hundreds of clients in thousands of cases.  Although Jeff is no longer with us, his memory and ideals inform all aspects of the firm’s practice. Today, the firm is located in the Brandon Point Offices building, in Roanoke, Virginia  and continues its long-held aim to deliver quality customer service and creditor representation in the practice of law. . . .

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Tuesday's Gone: Recovering on Unreceived Accounts Receivable

While J. Wellington Wimpy’s good-old catchphrase, “I’ll gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today,” has become an expression of financial irresponsibility, paying later for goods and services consumed now is commonplace. Our modern economy runs largely on credit. . . . But no matter how this credit system is set up, sometimes “Tuesday’s gone with the wind” with the seller or lender left unpaid. . . .

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Virginia Registered Agents

Every business entity legally authorized to transact business in Virginia is required by state law to designate a registered office and a registered agent within the Commonwealth. This designation is required beginning at the time the business forms in the case of a domestic entity, and is required at the time any foreign entity becomes authorized to transact business in Virginia. Thereafter, the entity must continuously maintain a registered agent and office. . . .

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