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Lis Pendens: Safeguarding Rights in Property under Litigation

A lis pendens, also called a notice of lis pendens or notice of pendency, is a legal tool in Virginia and many other states that can be a powerful device in the right circumstances. Essentially, a lis pendens is a public notice that a suit concerning title to property is pending. This article serves as a summary of lis pendens as it is used in Virginia.

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Detinue in Virginia – How Secured Creditors Can Recover Their Collateral

Since the recession and credit crisis of 2008, a growing portion of my practice involves helping creditors recover their collateral. Virginia, like most states, allows automobile lenders and other secured creditors to use self-help to repossess cars and other collateral, but it seems that since the downturn, many borrowers are either hiding their property or storing it in such a way that the repo man can not get to it.

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