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Assigned-Risk Premium Collections

The Commonwealth of Virginia began requiring and regulating workers’ compensation insurance in 1918. Since then, the Commonwealth has bit-by-bit developed a more comprehensive regulatory system in light of rises in work injuries, workers’ medical bills, and law suits against employers as well as changes in industry and technology. That statutory scheme now generally requires employers of two or more workers to carry state-recognized workers’ compensation insurance. . . In our practice area of commercial debt collections, Shenandoah Legal Group, P.C. assists assigned-risk insurers with recovering on unpaid insurance premiums and we have developed experience in negotiating with defaulting assigned-risk insureds. In the event litigation is required, our firm has experience in obtaining judgment for unpaid audit premiums and using post-judgment collection remedies to further enable insurers to recover.

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Attachment: Securing Vanishing Assets

When a creditor is faced with a customer in default who is actively concealing or attempting to remove assets from the state, prospects of collection can often appear dim. In this situation where time is of the essence, prompt and prudent action can make all the difference. Virginia, like many states, provides a narrowly-tailored remedy to creditors in this pressing circumstance: pre-trial attachment.

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Lis Pendens: Safeguarding Rights in Property under Litigation

A lis pendens, also called a notice of lis pendens or notice of pendency, is a legal tool in Virginia and many other states that can be a powerful device in the right circumstances. Essentially, a lis pendens is a public notice that a suit concerning title to property is pending. This article serves as a summary of lis pendens as it is used in Virginia.

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